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    Wonky headset Cap

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    Something has happened to my Headset. The cap at the top wont fit sunggly down, Its kinda raised on one side. I took off the cap today to find the starnut right at the top of the fork, unsurpisingly also at a angle.
    can I just whack it back in or is that a silly idea, If I do whack it in how far should I go
    I rely on my bike to get to work so I need to sort it out toot sweet. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Yes, you can tap the star nut down.

    From step "F" in the owner's manual at cane Creek's web site

    Press the star nut into the steerer tube to a point 15 mm below the top. This should preferably be done using an installation
    tool such as Cane Creek’s Star Nut Installation Tool Set (p/n TL0200). If this tool is unavailable, thread the compression bolt
    into the star nut and lightly tap the assembly into position with a deadweight mallet or similar tool. Ensure that the threads of
    the star nut are aligned with the steerer tube.
    End quote.

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    Your shop should have the right tool to reset it, and it's a 2-minute job. IME, the tool really does make it easier to set the star nut straight and at the correct depth.

    I would be concerned about why it moved in the first place. I've never seen that happen.

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    Is your stem loose or moving upward on the steerer column? If the stem were properly tighten, there should be almost no pressure on the star nut and top cap. Has the headset been feeling loose or jiggling?
    Oil is good, grease is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becky View Post
    I would be concerned about why it moved in the first place. I've never seen that happen.
    I slipped on some mud coming round a corner, and fell onto a low wall. When I checked my bike the next day the bolt on the headset was sticking up and the handle bars loose . I should have take off the cap and looked but was in a silly rush so I just tightened the bolt. It must have just been the awkward fall ... combined with the above careless maintenance.

    I have tapped the starnut back in following the instructions linked to this thread. I will check it, to make sure it dosent move, if it does or gets grumpy in any way I will visit my LbS,

    Thanks everyone for the help



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