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    An unexpected bene to bike commuting

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    Today, I had to take my truck to work. I hate to and take it maybe 5x's a year. But today, we're having 40 people at the house after work for a going-away party for a coworker. I need to stop at the grocery store and pick up ice and burger/dog buns, and stuff that I didn't get last night. Stuff I can't carry on the bike or lug through Metro.
    Well, in true D.C.-metro fashion, one accident on route 29 had a ripple effect and traffic was buggered up all through the area. All the streets outside my neighborhood were parking lots. But...because I bike commute, I knew all the shortcuts through the neighborhoods and was able to bypass a lot of the worst congestion and STILL got to the office in 25 minutes! Yay.
    See? There are so many practical benefits to riding your bike to work!
    Now, I just can't wait for the party to be over and done, so I can get back on the bike!

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    Germantown, MD
    Saw that on the news. Sorry you got caught in it.

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    Pretty cool!! That's true to a point here, but everything is of a much more miniscule magnitude...



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