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    Jun 2006
    Brisbane, QLD, Australia

    my bike path was underwater!

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    I began my regular commute home along the bike path which runs paralell to the South east busway here in brissie.

    This bikeway also runs beside norman creek.

    As I found out yesturday after a lot of rain... it's not the best place to be!

    Funny thing is I rode through there in the morning and the creek was just like everything else in brissie at the moment. BONE DRY.

    Yesterday, The whole park was under... Even the bike and pedestrian bridge. It was strewn with palm leaves wrapped around the wooden pailings and covered with dirt this morning.

    So... All I had to do was turn around and go back... and ride on the road instead. Also not the best place to be.

    So yeah regular commute of 15-20mins blew out to 30mins cause of the route change and taking it slow on the road (the gutteres were mini creeks too!)

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    Nov 2005
    OOoooh, I hate it when that happens! Wow. We had one flood years ago when roads, highways, all byways were underwater. It was scary and wierd. Glad you got home OK.
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    Welcome to not even being on the list of "have to make sure the roads are passable." Hopefully, but not necessarily, the floods aren't that common. Don't count on the planners to have thought that was important. (What is important is that they can say "we have X miles of bike path." They don't have to be *usable* bike paths. Even most of the bike advocacy group definitions of "bike friendly" use criteria like "miles of bike paths" and "how much did you spend," instead of factoring in what is actually *useful* or *safe,* and that's a bone of contention among many serious commuters.)
    You might find out who's the "highway" person in your town so you can let them know... so they will know somebody cares. It might taek a few calls ("who do I call to tell about a problem with a bike path?" and when they act clueless then say "who would I talk to about a problem with the roads?")

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    Sep 2004
    Albuquerque, NM
    we've been lucky for the most part here: our bike paths have stayed above the flash floods but I still have to cross the street gutters which are "cricks" as we used to call them in Indiana and the bike path is so full of debris I went out today and shovelled one section of it coz the loose gravel/rocks was making it unsafe to ride through.

    Just as a footnote: New Mexico was 256% above our avg rainfall for the month of July and - the last time I saw - 234% above for Aug.....we have goat head thornbushes that have become hedges due to the rain and when they thorn out - we are going to be in Big Trouble!!

    (going home to put the Kevlar tires on the new bike)
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