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    May 2005

    Talking Jumped a deer and kicked a hill!

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    DH and I rode one of our favorite rides yesterday evening. It is known in our parts as the "race track" because it takes us out to Race Track Road. Think horses and you'll get the picture. It is a beautiful, rolling ride through horse farm country. And because it is so rural, we regularly encounter wildlife. We're used to seeing deer grazing at the edge of the tree line in the evening. But on this ride a HUGE white tail doe ran ALONG the road with us, then cut across the road in front of us . What an awesome moment. Of course, I got a little preoccupied looking where she had come from because they usually roam in packs of 3 or more and I didn't want to get nailed in the head by the next deer to cross the road, but she was amazingly alone. Very cool. Put a smile on my face for the rest of the ride.

    And the rest of the ride was an added bonus because we climbed a hill that USED to kick my butt, but yesterday I kicked it like a pack of ninjas...in a much higher gear than usual and without all that annoying huffing and puffing that used to be my trademark.

    It's like I'm getting better at this or something.


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    Aug 2005
    Congrats on the imporvement!

    The other day DH and I were riding to a trail in one of the parks. We came across a deer peeing in the middle of the paved path . Boy was it startled when it saw us! It took off running with a stream still flowing and we had to ride through the smallest area of the puddle....yuck!!!

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    Jun 2005
    What a feeling! HILL CONQUERED! Getting STRONGER!!!



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