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    Mar 2006

    Dear Santa: (Christmas in July)

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    So since the thunder is rolling in and it's getting gradually darker just now, I'm killing time playing on the Intarweb (i.e. virtual shopping and drooling over things I don't really need, but reeeeeally want).

    So what's on everyone's mid-summer wishlist?

    I absolutely loooove that Hincapie sleeveless jersey with the big honking flower on the front of it. It's so purdy! And those Sheila Moon Jetson print arm warmers. Those things are far out!

    On the more practical side, I should really get another pair of shorts, a different spare tube (the one I have has the short valve which I don't like as much with my wider tire rims), a water bottle holder for the back of my saddle that preferably holds 2 bottles, and two of those screw-in mount things that go in pickup trucks to hold bikes in place. I just found out they work in the bed of my leedle hatchback so that I can make it a lean, mean bike-carrying machine!

    Hmm, lots of stuff I want, only some of it a 'need'. But for now, all the money is going towards the gajillions of weddings that I have to attend this summer. So, alas, I guess it's just virtual shopping for me for awhile yet!


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    Jan 2006
    Marin County CA
    I love presents!

    1. More shorts. Mine are all wearing out!!

    2. A Schmidt hub for a new front wheel for long rides: http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/schmidt.asp

    Not that I'll be able to do a 1200k next year (PBP being the only one), but it'd be nice to have the option.

    3. New chainrings for both bikes. The Eddy's are just plain wearing out. The Colnago's need to be turned to more "touring" dimensions.

    4. New stem/bar set up for the Colnago for touring geometry.

    5. That Assos cow jersey (the one with the cow spots) http://www.gearandtraining.com/index...D&ProdID=28247.

    The big 4-0 is coming up in December, so I'm hoping .....

    When it's easy, ride hard; when it's hard, ride easy.

    2011 Volagi Liscio
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    Mar 2006
    Huntington Beach, Ca
    1. handlebar bag

    2. a few shimmels because it's freaking hot (okay, relatively speaking because I live in so Cal and I'm a wimp who's comfort zone is 70-74 degrees ) and I hate farmer tan, which I get despite applying and reapplying sunscreen

    3. some nice sunglasses

    4. a babysitter at my beck and call, ready to watch not only my kids, but Tiff's and Tracy's too, so we can ride together whenever we want



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