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    Oct 2005

    I want one of these...

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    Of course I prolly want the new garmin for my bike worse, and that is half the money! But a diamond encrusted m-dot is just TOO cool!!!

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    Apr 2006
    where the wind comes sweeping down the plain
    Why can't you have both???? Oh yeah, the divorce thing could happen as a result... My hubby gets tired of my buying bike gadgets too, but I can't help it- I'm a tri geek. There's always something new on my wish list.

    But the diamond m-dot...that's really cool!!! I'll buy it for you- you deserve it!

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    Jan 2005
    Denise - what about a tattoo instead of the diamonds?? ;-)

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    Nov 2005
    Is that a pendant or a charm? It's cool, either way.

    About the tatoos--I've seen them on some surprising people! Soooo....where would you put one if you finished an IM and wanted a tatoo?

    I'd do it over my sacrum because
    1) Not visible most of the time
    2) Would represent triumph over the (formerly) crippling pain of endometriosis.

    (not willing to do the training or the race, but happy to think about the rewards! L.)
    Run like a dachshund! Ride like a superhero! Swim like a three-legged cat!
    TE Bianchi Girls Rock

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    Apr 2005
    Dallas, TX
    Quote Originally Posted by mommelisa
    Denise - what about a tattoo instead of the diamonds?? ;-)
    That is a totally awesome idea!

    Seriously Denise. You should think about that. It can go somewhere where only you and hubby will see it... and you can date it so it's forever with you.

    And, if you do more... you can add those dates to it too!



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