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    My generator light isn't generating... except...

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    So I have an awesome Busch-Muller light ... hub generator.
    Now, from first installation it's gone from bright to not so bright and back and forth on bumpy roads, so I thought... one of my connections isn't right. When I installed it first time I accidentally did lots of ferocious soldering for a solid connection... tot he connections for the rear light. I just pulled 'em off and stuck them onto the front light when I realized ... that mattered.

    Welp, on last night's ride home -- it just wasn't charging or connecting. So I thought... something has gotten yanked...

    Tonight, with flashlight in mouth for backup, I noticed that ... it would connect and light up *only* when I hit bumps! Fortunately the one darker part of my commute is a bumpy road... never have I been aiming my tires at manholes and potholes but ... that's what lights the thing up!

    Banging on the light didn't affect it so ... I'm afraid it's the stuff in the hub that needs whacking...

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    Oh no! Lighting is one thing you think you won't have to worry about when you have a generator hub (at least with LED lights). Time to send it in for a rebuild? (Which, sadly, as I'm sure you know requires disassembly of the wheel)

    How many miles are on it?
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    Questions, so are you also running your taillight? The taillight runs off of your front light.

    Anyway, it sounds to me like funky wiring issues. Feel free to call us for some free advice - The Bike Hermit is pretty good at diagnosing Dynamo lighting. On another note, have you seen the new Dyna-snap magnetic wire connections - just put them on Bernard - haven't had to use it yet but am pretty excited about not having to yank my wires out of the hub to take my wheel off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky King View Post
    have you seen the new Dyna-snap magnetic wire connections .
    what a logical and sensible solution!!!!! thanks for the link
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