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    What are the other options to replace a tooth?

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    Hey. I had a mild injury a week ago while riding my bike. I was riding through a muddy road and had a skid. I fell on my face and lost one of my teeth. Since it is my front teeth, I have to do something about it. A friend of mine had a similar accident and he had undergone a dental implants procedure in Houston ( http://www.shorttermbraces.com/services/implant/ ). What are the other options to replace a tooth? It should look more natural since it is my front tooth.

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    What are the other options to replace a tooth?

    Bridge or implant would be your only options. The implant is the better choice.

    If the break isn't too severe they might be able to do a crown.

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    A tooth implant is going to look and feel exactly like the one you lost.
    I had an implant over ten years ago after a root split. I couldn't even
    point to the exact tooth it was. Several years ago I had another after
    a cyst was removed from my jaw. I just take care of them like the
    others-regular brushing and flossing. I'd never consider a bridge.

    Good luck.



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