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    Getting in good with the boss! (really, cycling related)

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    So last year our new school principal told me she wanted to get started cycling. I sent her a few Craigslist bike ads but she didn't follow up on them after all.

    Recently though, a friend who had to give up cycling due to a degenerative illness offered his bike at a really attractive price. It's a Specialized Secteur w/105 components. First I thought it would fit my son, but we had to get it here from California. When we went to pick it up from the friend in Phoenix who picked it up, it turned out to be 56cm, not a 54, and therefore too big. But it turned out to be just right for the boss! (She's very tall!).

    She's thrilled, my friend is relieved to have the bike sold and I found a 54 cm bike that was almost as good (Specialized Allez but with Tiagra) at the bike swap meet last weekend for only $400, so now the "kid" (he's 26) has his road bike. (Happy birthday).

    I took the principal out for a practice ride on the path near here (7 miles) and she was so happy, and said she learned a lot just from that little ride. So I got a bunch of "brownie points" this week.
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    That is great, Az. When I was doing the semester long term sub job at my school, after I had quit, I led a ride for Bike to Work Week. I got about 5-6 people, all diverse, and we did an 8 mile ride. There is a really annoying short, but steepish hill right before you get back to the school, and they were ready to kill me. But, they were all mostly fit, just not people who ride a lot.
    I am hoping to try and get something together for my clinic next month.
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