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    Really, Colnago?

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    I am glad to see more and more vocal objections to this kind of advertising in cycling
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    Though it is disturbing that there are multiple men working for Colnago who saw no problem with that photo or with the tweet -- still seeing the world only in terms of the men who buy their products, and either incapable of perceiving that they are degrading to women or perceiving it and thinking it's okay.

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    Major misstep indeed. Should not have happened. But I appreciate that they offered a decent apology - none of this "we're sorry if you were offended" that we often see, but an appropriate "we apologize for posting the image."

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    Since it took lots of negative reactions to sense that objectifying women is unacceptable I’d say their marketing people are way behind the learning curve about sexist ads. Blocking people on Facebook who criticized it/them also diminishes the apology. In reading their Facebook apology and the comments you can see the consequences of that and little of the real social media reaction to the original post.…..and that bike looks too big for her anyway, which would make the photo session and final photo even more egregious. hopefully the social media reactions to a few of these instances lately will give bicycling marketing people something to really be aware of.

    Now an ad with a photo of khg riding her Colnago up Passo delle Erbe would earn raves from me.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by rebeccaC View Post

    Now an ad with a photo of khg riding her Colnago up Passo delle Erbe would earn raves from me.....

    My ears must have been burning! I haven't had time to read the forum lately because my new job has been so busy, but tonight thought I'd lurk a little and see what has been going on...

    I was totally bummed when this Colnago ad came out, but like so many, I'm heartened at the responses to it. I took it pretty personally--it seemed like an insult to my wonderful bike that I love riding so much. For the record, my Colnago fits me, and I never ride it barefoot

    No photos of me riding up the Passo delle Erbe, but I think someone got one of me riding up the Giau--I'll see if I can chase it down!
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