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Thread: Milk

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    They say a good recovery drink is chocolate milk. My question is can I buy powdered nestle quick or something equivalent or does it has to be already made chocolate milk?

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    I often have some chocolate milk after a ride or other workout, and it's certainly not "pre-made"! I think the attraction of chocolate milk is the balance of protein, sugars and sodium, so you can definitely mix up your own.

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    Ideally, you want something with four parts carbohydrate to one part protein for recovery. There's nothing magic about chocolate milk, but that works for you, then any kind of chocolate milk is fine!
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    Just mix some chocolate syrup into regular milk…yum!
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    What they said. I think the milk is the important part.

    I bought some vanilla milk lately in those drink boxes that don't need refrigeration. It's not something that appeals to me on hot days but now that we're moving into cooler weather I'm going to try it for a post-ride drink.

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    We like an iced Chai latte after a long ride. I've made them with soy, almond, and cows milk and they really hit the spot. There is a pre made concentrate that is quick and easy to use.

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    I've gotten to like adding some powdered peanut butter to my chocolate milk for even a little more flavor.



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