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Thread: How rude!!

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    Angry How rude!!

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    Went for a nice pleasant Sunday brunch at a really good Cuban restaurant. Bill came, paid with my CC, signed with generous tip. And the party next to our table, the mother and daughter were staring at my bill reading as to how much I paid for the lunch and service. Beyond rude and nosey!! I went back in and folded the signed receipt in half so they couldn't read it.

    What is WRONG with people!!

    Maybe I should have said something to them. Maybe I should have handed the signed receipt to the server... Well too late now since I'm home. I'll check my CC statement to make sure it got posted. I wouldn't pass it on the party to take my signed receipt sine they looked really angry at me for folding the receipt in half to avoid them from reading it.


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    Ew, that's creepy.

    The transaction should be pending by tomorrow if it isn't already tonight. A restaurant *might* wait for the end of a shift to put their transactions through, but nowadays with everything being electronic, it really ought to go up immediately. Every credit card company I deal with shows pending transactions as soon as they're put through - you shouldn't have to wait for it to post.
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