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    Katy, Texas

    summer has officially started

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    I celebrated the summer solstice by doing a standard 40 mile ride this AM. Although I started out early and was off the road by 11;00 AM I still had to strip in the garage, wring out my clothes and socks and wrap everything in a beach towel, already soggy from me having dried myself off with it first, and carry it all into the house without dripping all over the floor. I still left white sweat rings all over the garage floor. Todays real temperature was 88-94 with a feels like temperature during the ride going from 94 to 102.

    This does not bode well for summer riding.
    Katy, Texas
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    Man, marni, that's hot!!

    I'm so glad summer is here but also a little sad. It's so nice to see the sun set around 930pm here and know it will get earlier and earlier from here on out.
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    I have a temperature gauge on my cyclocomputer. On yesterday's ride, it read 102 degrees at 10:15 am. I really couldn't tell. There is a reason I always ride with the temperature screen in view.

    I slowed and went home. After taking a break and dumping water over my head in the shade. Dangerous.

    No idea what the heat index was, but radiant heat from the pavement is intense.

    Right now, the actual temperature is 99 degrees. And the heat index is 118.

    So long as the wheels are still turning, life is good.


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    We did our annual Gettysburg meander yesterday, a 60-ish mile ride that includes a spin through a fair amount of the battle field. Much of the rest of the route is through shadeless farmland, and as usual it was hot and humid. I was wearing my Cool Wings and brought an extra water bottle so I could stop periodically to pour water on my arms to try to cool down.

    I bought a Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad (cooling towel) a while back but hadn't had a chance to try it out yet.


    I tossed it in my bike bag before I left home yesterday, and when we finished the ride and returned to the park where we started I soaked it with the remaining (warm) water in my water bottle and put it around my neck. It did make me feel better. I had a long drive home, and stopped along the way to get some dinner, and the towel was still cold and damp when I got home. I had some heat rash on my legs so I put the towel on them while I drove to see if it would help.

    I'm thinking about getting something similar that can be worn during a ride, around my neck or maybe on my head.

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