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    shoe recs for flat pedals

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    I am a 60+ woman with three artificial joints. I average 50 miles a week on my hybrid. I don't dare try to clip in or use straps as, if I fall, it's considerably more serious than someone with all her own parts. I am wearing Merrell Minimalist shoes with my flat pedals but wonder if I should be in mountain biking shoes or something with a more rigid sole. Any suggestions?

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    When I had flat pedals on my main bike (my rigid MTB/hybrid still has them), I wore sneakers or Keen sandals.

    A more rigid sole can help with issues like foot pain, so you might try something like mountain bike shoes and just not put cleats on them. The other option might be a pair of something like those Pearl Izumi shoes that are a cross between sneakers and mountain bike shoes. (Look like sneakers, not quite as stiff as a "normal" bike shoe, but still stiffer than sneakers). Or the Keen commuter sandals, but they do run narrow. If you aren't having issues with foot pain/fatigue, then I see no reason to switch from regular shoes. If you want to stick to regular shoes but want something stiffer, my only recommendation is to start flexing soles!
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    Keep in mind if you are coming from really thin soled shoes like the Merrells that some of the recommended shoes may have much thicker soles which will require saddle height adjustment...I bought the Keen Commuter sandals this year and those soles are THICK, real clod hoppers! I had to jack up my saddle about an inch to account for the shoes (I too was riding in Merrell "barefoot" shoes previously) and this changed my position in relation to the bars enough that it was noticeable. If I had known just how thick the Keens are I might have looked around for other options with a thinner sole.
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    I found a great pair of Louis Garneau HRS-80's "Lite Trainer" last year on clearance from REI. Nice and stiff, with option for cleat, I have the cleat in but as it is recessed I also ride my power grips
    with them on and do just fine. I agree a stiffer sole makes my feet much happier when riding
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    I like to wear either bmx or skateboarding shoes. Something with a good gripping sole.
    If it has laces, I make sure to tuck them into the shoe after tying them so they don't accidentally get caught in the chain ring.
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