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    Newbie back and checking in!!

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    I've been away for some time and have not been riding as much as I'd like. Work has me stressed and a scary crash I had last year I must admit has me skittish.

    On our regular route there is a nice straight-away and I try to go a little harder here... as much I can and is safe... There happens to be a Strava KOM there as well

    I had a really good run going and close my Personal Record when near the end when a bee landed on my arm and out of instinct I pulled my arm away and off the bars... Next thing I was on the ground sliding down an embankment on my back and into trees. I hit hard enough to come out of my shoes.

    I still had two miles left to get back to car but was mostly scrapes and cuts with a slight headache ... Only when we got back to car did it notice the tiny black spots in my vision. My main thought was for my bike and how I was only 500 yards from the end of the segment and my PR. Lol.

    The times after this we went for rides I found myself really nervous and my heart jumps anytime a flying insect comes near when on then bike.

    How do you cope with these issues? I've been riding for a few years now, crashes are not unexpected, but this one has me a bit rattled.

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    You went through a lot! I'm sorry that happened. I once was stung by a wasp and only managed to stay upright by a hair. It's a freak accident but now every time I think something lands on me, I tend to freak out. I could definitely see this happening to me or anyone who's been stung. I also fell down into a ditch a few years go but I thankfully didn't get really banged up. I replaced my helmet and moved on but if it had been more serious, I would have been very spooked.

    Anytime I've had a scary fall, I've gotten myself back up after I felt fine physically (if I thought there may have been trauma I did not get back on the bike right away). I always would do some confidence building rides - ride on the platform side of my pedals in running shoes so I was feeling really safe and could put a leg down quick. I would ride a loop that felt particularly safe or get on a trail that I knew would be low-traffic. It's all about building your confidence back up. What you experienced was really traumatic, so it will take you sometime. That's okay. Go at your own pace and slowly get back to where you were.
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    {{{Roadtrip}}} I certainly understand your situation, I am going through something similar after a series of traumatic events associated with the bike - I've not been on the bike at all in 6 months but am getting much closer to trying it again. At least that is what I keep telling myself, though there are also some physical reasons as well.

    I like Colorisnt's advice about a few confidence building rides in the safest of possible environments. Can't get away from insects, but would it help to spray yourself with something before riding? Pick a very low traffic area, or a non-traffic area that allows bikes so you can just focus on enjoying the pedals going in circles again? My advice is a bit ironic as this is what "I" need to do as well - so we can encourage each other



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