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    Giant Tempt and WSD bikes?

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    Was in my LBS looking for a basic mountain bike. I tried the 27.5 wheel Tempt and really liked it but they only come into a size medium. He also had the top of the line model at 1700..which was great, but I don't ride enough to justify the cost. There is a men's version which I tried but the top tube was too long and it just wasn't as comfortable. I'm almost too big for a WSD bike in the Giant line but loved the bike. Guy kept insisting the bike was too small for my legs and put in a larger men's bike. I hate being in this middle ground.

    I really liked the 27.5 inch wheels. Not too big and not too small. I was thinking the lower end model as I only get out 5-6 times a year to use it. My fat bike is too big and sometimes I want something light and agile when I'm out mountain biking.

    How do you fit yourself for a hard tail mountain bike?

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    Did you ever decide on a bike? Curious how tall you are since the bike guy kept trying to put you into a men's bike. I am 5'9" and ride a medium 18" WSD Giant. I face the same problem with bike salesmen telling me I'm tall enough to ride men's bikes, but there are other anatomic differences, no?

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    I have a Tempt 2 in a small size, so it is available in more sizes than your LBS may be telling you. I've been riding a Tempt all summer and love it. Nothing else I "test drove" felt as comfortable.



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