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Thread: RIP Pete Seeger

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    RIP Pete Seeger

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    I grew up with Pete Seeger. My mother took us kids to all the singalongs in the early 60's when he was still blacklisted, and I grew up with his music.
    Here is my activist mom's memoir.... she's been listening to him sing since 1948

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    Amen. A national treasure.

    I love your activist mom's tribute!!
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    I loved your mom's piece, too.

    I shed a few tears this morning. First time I can remember crying over a "celebrity."

    As I posted on FB: his voice guided my life. Some of the first songs I can remember hearing as a very small child, and songs that still inspire me when they come up on my iPod.

    He played my college in I think 1977 on the eve of one of the big antinuke marches in Washington, and exhorted us all to go. Two hours later I was buying a ticket and getting on a bus. My first protest ever.
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    I agree with your mother on the Weavers Reunion at Carnegie Hall!!!

    He was a troubadour of truth, love, peace, sister/brotherhood, work, protest and the power of community! He lives on in what he has given us.

    Listening to his Broadside Ballads as I write this and the Ballad of Lou Marsh at the moment.
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    What a great loss to the world. We will never see the like of him again in our age, I don't think. Larger than life, and yet so humble and giving, his music will reverberate for many generations to come. There was a special on PBS about him a few years back, I hope they show that again.

    Loved the blog, well written tribute!
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