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    Albuquerque and Santa Fe riding -- our experiences

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    Hmmm...earlier today I posted a link to a blog post I did about our Albuquerque cycling in this sub-forum, and it now appears to be gone. I'll try again. This was a trip we took to the southwest in July but are just now getting the time to blog about it.

    Albuquerque cycling:


    Santa Fe - Riding the rail trail:


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    That looks so nice, Emily, except for the goatheads, of course.
    Got so nostalgic, looking at those cholla by the side of the trail.
    When my kids were little, they used to like to roll down a hill in a park in Tempe. Years, later, when they were like 10 and 12, we went back there for a visit, and we went to the park. They decided to roll down the hill, and when they got up, both of them were covered in goat heads! It took like 30 minutes to pick them out of their sweaters.
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    Great ride report!!

    Made me nostalgic too, we lived in Bernallio for a while and The Range was our favorite restaurant. My SO worked in ABQ at the University and I worked in Santa Fe, most beautiful commute ever!



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