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    Sep 2013
    Nice, France

    Bonjour - new member

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    Another long-time cyclist who's getting back on a road bike! I've actually bought from TE for years now, it was only when I got my new road bike a few weeks ago and started riding it that I came across the forums here. Looks like a neat community, am happy to join! As you can see I've got a good start on a bike collection:
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    The orange mixte is a 1979 Peugeot I found in a secondhand shop, the red mtb is a 2005 GT i-drive XC and was my main ride until I got the road bike, a brand new 2014 BH Zaphire (they call it Sphene on their website, but it's got Zaphire on the tubes). The GT and the BH are from my favorite local bike shop here. The furballs are my adopted Maine Coon mutt, a total sweetheart who enthusiastically supports all of my bike outings, and my adopted black kitty who may look prim in that photo, but is actually a chatterbox bouncy-cat. When I get back from a ride, they both flip their tails straight in the air and sniff the tires until satisfied that I have indeed been doing something worthy of leaving them at home.

    I've mainly been commuting since getting the BH. I live in France, in Nice... the French Riviera... yes, very lucky I'm originally from Oregon, also lucky! It was one other reason I knew about TE. I've lived in Nice for 13 years. Cargo bikes haven't really made it to France yet, mainly because, paradoxically, there is such a strong cycling culture what with the TdF and all. There are city bikes like my mixte, then hefty city share bikes in several cities (Paris, Lyon and Nice, for instance), and a lot of people who use road bikes like my BH to both commute and do club rides and races, as well as trips to the countryside. I've never seen anyone with trailers though, even little kids have their own bikes (it's great!), and touring bikes are generally used by tourists, not so much French people, again due to the road bike culture. It's so well-organized here that clubs will go on multi-day trips with special cyclist hotels along the way, stopping at cyclist-friendly restaurants and everything. If planned for, you can definitely get by without big panniers when touring France. Also we just don't get anti-cyclist road rage, in fact it's the opposite, if you're decked out in Lycra and taking a lane, most cars are perfectly fine with that. (Not all, there are bad drivers everywhere, but there's nothing specifically anti-bike, not that I know of anyway.) I've been using the BH to commute and plan to do longer weekend rides once I'm in shape enough for them! There are a lot of mountains here, very little flat! Will probably join a club come January too. Much for the same reasons as joining here -- it's great to get feedback from other cyclists, and just generally share the joy of cycling.

    I grew up on a 1970s steel Japanese road bike (with drops) that had been my mother's, but that she didn't ride any more. Dreamt of one day seeing the Tour de France, in France... "just once," I thought, "would be so awesome!" Came to Europe about 15 years ago, without the bike... wasn't able to get my own until seven years ago, the GT, when I had the chance to do rides on forest trails near our offices. That was great, then my company sent me to a city closer to where I live a couple months ago, and my teenage dream of getting a nicer road bike came roaring back! The trusted bike shop recommended the BH to me, and it was love at first ride. Ever since I got it I've been just giddy, it's a sweet bike. And in the meanwhile, I've seen the TdF so many times now that I've lost count eight or nine stages over the years?! maybe ten? It went through Nice again this year! It was a beautiful day (pic I took):
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    Apr 2009
    Tucson, AZ
    Welcome to TE! You've got quite the collection.

    (And my cat--another black one--likes to inspect my bikes post-ride, or when I'm working on them. I've caught her chewing on cables before...)
    At least I don't leave slime trails.

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    Saving for the next one...

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    Jan 2006
    Marin County CA
    Welcome! Great bikes and cats!

    I have to admit to being so jealous that you live in France. I have another cycling fried who has a second home there (Limoux) and splits her time between here and there. That would be amazing. I've ridden over there and was struck at how rational and respectful the drivers were to bikes, even in close quarters. Post pictures of your rides!!!

    When it's easy, ride hard; when it's hard, ride easy.

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    Jul 2006
    Flagstaff AZ
    Lovely bikes and cats! I'm a bit partial to maine coon types (had two in my past); now I have a skinny black cat and a brawny gray tabby.

    Welcome to TE

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    Sep 2010
    Pacific Northwest

    Bonjour - new member

    Welcome! I love your photos, how incredible to be in such a beautiful and bike friendly country. And to see the TdF up close...sigh.
    "Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far"

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    Sep 2008
    Welcome to the group. I love your bikes and cats. I had a Maine Coon years ago and they are the best.

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    Jan 2014
    United States
    Hi Fraise! Welcome! Love your bikes and cats too. I wish I could go cycling to France someday. Very lovely place.



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