I can't believe how long it's been since I posted here. I thought I'd start with what I did this summer. The spring stayed cold and wet and I didn't get many miles in as early as I would have liked. I kind of felt like I was playing catchup. Anyway my friends decided to do a different cycling trip this year. In June we took our bikes up to the Cuyahoga Vallley National park and did day trips. Shorter daily miles from last years trip. It was nice to show them part of the Ohio to Erie trail that I rode last summer. I think we had a good time.

I then kept up the miles working on getting a couple of my brother's to ride more. Both have health issues that would be helped by a steady dose of cycling. It's a lot of work to motivate someone. I'm not sure I'm cut out for it but my one brother who could barely ride 12 miles at a time has gotten up to 25 miles rides and sometimes more. He is still having some pain in his legs on the way back, but he is getting out there and riding!

I made some equipment changes. I started using a Selle-Anatomica Titanico saddle. I had some numbness in my left leg that felt like my circulation was being cut off by my old saddle. I did a lot of reading and finally made the switch. The new saddle does not put pressure where the other one did but it isn't easy to get dialed in either. I'm constantly making adjustments for comfort.

I added the Racktime front rack to my frame. I like it. I carry my cable lock up front now and can tell when the noises I hear are from a rattling lock or a drive train that needs adjusting. I only with I had purchased a rack strap for the front and rear racks. I already made another post about my 5 day summer tour take a look.