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    Another diet book

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    Apparetly popular in England, this diet advocates five days of normal eating and two days of "fasting" (though small meals are allowed; it's not a real fast).

    It reminds me a bit of the rotation diet, which was popular in the late 1980s. I checked Amazon and was surprised to see the rotation diet book still in print. Haven't heard much about it lately.
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    Hrm. So basically it's telling you to skip lunch twice a week?

    Just another way to cut down on calories, by the looks of it. I'd be wary of the "five days eating whatever you want" being the trigger to eat LOTS, and thus not create much of a deficit.

    I dunno.. I'm kinda over these fad things. I'm now on the "MY DIET" which sometimes has beans, oatmeal, or cheese, sometimes not, sometimes eating 2 meals a day, sometimes 5, but always lots of vegetables. It seems to be working well so far. Maybe I should write a book.

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    Huh. I always heard of a rotation diet as something you do so you don't develop new food allergies (for kids with developing immune systems primarily, but also for susceptible adults). Never heard of it for weight loss. (Although allergies can slow metabolism...)

    The other thing ... periodic fasting is pretty well established, but I don't know about doing it two days every week ... and who needs a book to tell them to fast two days a week anyway?
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    Another diet book

    Cyclingfun mentioned this on the Jan/Feb thread...said she was stalled out on WW and was happy with ths plan. I have been interested in this intermittent fasting idea. Maybe she will comment here.
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