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    Red face Reminder to pump air into your suspension for your mountain bikes

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    Well, this story is to remind all you MTB to pump air into your suspension so that the compression of your mountain bike is not too low for your body weight. As to how much air pressure to pump and how to pump, my advice is to ask your local bike shop because it is based on your weight (and partially your riding style).

    I am just a beginner MTB...so no 1 foot jumps nor anything like that. I was riding down some bumpy hills and felt slightly out of control compared to usual. One of the bumps jarred me up and into a deep ditch. I could tell the ditch was going to yank my bike out from under me. My bike bucked me up and out...luckily I was able to catch hold of a chain link fence that was on my right (like spiderwoman, I guess). Luckily, minimal damage to myself and my bike.

    When I got home, I checked the compression pressure of my bike suspension....which was at zero for both my front and my piston suspension. Yep, it was my own fault that I forgot to do my monthly pressure check, so that my bike was totally bucking me on all the bumps downhill.
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    I have a scar on my elbow and got a trip to the emergency room from not checking the air in my fork.

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