I am new to these boards, but have a few years of cycling experience (about 1-2 seasons training/racing and completion of a self-contained, cross-country tour in 2011). During my tour in 2011, I developed pretty severe knee pain, and considered switching to pedals with more float (I was using SPDs at the time and right side felt continually like it was pulled in the wrong direction, even after I adjusted the cleat).

Now that I'm getting ready for another self-contained cross-country trip next summer, I've considered switching from SPDs to Speedplay Frogs (or similar style pedals with lots of float). However, I'm vaguely remembering a bike fitter from my last tour mentioning that Speedplays would be ill-advised with my hypermobility issues -- that the SPDs actually were helping to provide some structure to counteract the general looseness of my joints.

I'm wondering if anybody else here can relate and/or offer their input? Hypermobility has been a big issue throughout my life, and this year especially, I've developed many symptoms of POTS that I believe are related to EDS (and likely resulting from my deconditioned state). I've already had multiple MRIs, MRA, EEG, EKG, sleep test, lumbar puncture, and echocardiogram to rule out other causes of my symptoms, and really believe that if I can get myself back into cycling regularly, it will help with lots of my symptoms, but am afraid to do more damage to my joints...

Thanks in advance for any advice and/or input you may all be able to offer!