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    Red face I've fallen in love... with an ancient bike!

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    Ok, Ride Schwinn recently asked for people to post their "dream bike" on their page, with the hint that there might be some sort of giveaway. See the post here (The bike pictured is just like my Schwinn Gateway from Target).

    Well, I considered lots of options for a dream bike- such as a tandem to ride with my twin sister as I sometimes wish we could so, to a longtail cargo bike (Schwinn doesn't make one, but wouldn't that be neat?!). Finally I decided to draw a bike that might be what I want in order to fulfill a real dream i have- which is to cycle across the United States someday. I didn't like any of the bikes currently offered since none are perfect- and this is a "dream" bike after all. So I drew one.

    Somewhere along the way, I came across a site with very old catalog page scans of vintage Schwinns. I realized immediately that I had to have one. I wasted lots of time (Thanksgiving break with no work means I got bored very quickly) comparing models. So many look just the way I want! I determined that a Super Sport is the lightest model with the right look to it. I want a ladies frame- it's SO GORGEOUS!

    Does anyone have one of these? I'd like to find out if its too large for me and if my dream of getting one is silly. I'm 5'2" with a 28" inseam (measured crotch to floor barefoot, that's not a vague clothing size). I think the frame comes in 19", 20" or 22" only. Fit charts say that for my leg length I should have a 17" frame, though...
    I only saw the step-through frame for 1972 and 1973.

    If you'd like to see the pretty bikes too, the catalogs can be found here.

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    Last spring I went up into the loft of the barn on the property where I grew up. My old Schwinn Collegiate from my teen years was up there. I loved that bike. I rode and rode everywhere. I had a speedometer on it and even got it up to 45mph down a switch back through the neighboring state park!

    The bike looked terrible. It had a mouse nest in the cracked old tires. It was covered with rust and dirt:

    I took it out of the barn, took it apart and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I could not believe what a brass brush can do to clean up good old chrome!

    I ran all new cabled and housing. Tracked down Schwinn tires. I put on koolstop brake pads. I serviced the bearings in the wheels. I took out the crank and lubed up the bearings. Now it rides beautifully. All I have left to do is to pound out a big dent in the rear fender. Here is is, sans fender and before front brake pads were installed:

    I love the old bike because I am sentimental about it. But, it is a slow moving tank and is too big for me even though it was the smallest Collegiate of the time with a 17" frame. That size should fit you as you are quite a bit taller than I am. I will use it to ride to town to pick up my mail in the summer.
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    WOW!!! Super job. Looks like you are ready to ride it again.



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