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    Appetizer needed!

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    I need to take something to a party tomorrow. Preferably autumnal, and that can be prepared quickly--I have about 3 hours between when I get off work and the party. Ideas?
    At least I don't leave slime trails.

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    Hope it's not too late:

    Pita bread wedges or mini-pita bread, marinated artichokes, tomato and feta cheese. Arrange the three toppings on the pita bread and bake or broil just until the feta softens (it doesn't actually melt like some cheeses).

    Cream cheese and salsa with chips or veggies

    Cream cheese, onion dip and a small can of chopped black olives with crackers or veggies

    All of these are easy and quick. If they're too late, maybe you'll be able to use one in the future.
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    bite sized wedges of gouda cheese or sharp cheddar skewered on a toothpick with pieces of pineapple, fresh or canned and candied ginger. My go to #1.\
    #2 a wedge of brie or camembert strewn with jelly (cranberry, cherry) and heated in the oven at 350 until slightly melty- serve with crackers of french bread. have a good party.
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    Way too late but for future, my favorite is pickle wraps (and yes marni, I DO want a pickle!! lol)
    Spread whipped cream cheese (or soften a block of cream cheese by leaving it at room temp for a couple hours) on slices of ham.
    Wrap a pickle in a slice or two of the cream cheese/ham.
    Cut into slices.

    A new discovery is peanut butter pickle wraps. I know, sounds disgusting, right? Surprisingly good, and I'm not the only one who says so.
    Spread peanut butter on a small flour tortilla. (I think 6? Whatever size is in the small package, but not a corn tortilla, they fall apart.)
    Microwave for 10 seconds (optional, but softens the tortilla so it wraps better).
    Wrap a pickle in the pb-tortilla.
    Cut into slices. (I would cut them for a party, but for just me, I don't slice it, I just eat it.)
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