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    Choosing a bike for a touring exp

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    Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to the forums and touring in general. I'm wondering what your opinion is on what type of bike to use for a two day biking trip. I have two bikes, one is a cannondale quick hybrid and the other is a scott contessa speedster 15. My plan is to bike roughly 60+ miles each day and camp overnight. The road there is a pretty well known bike route, so it should be a smooth ride.

    I have about 25-30 pounds of gear I plan to bring with me stored in panniers on a rear rack/in a back pack. I've done long distances on my road bike but not with gear and I'm worried that the extra weight might cause some damage (flats mostly).

    On the other hand, taking my hybrid seems inefficient for the distance I want to bike.

    What are your thoughts? Should I load up the road bike or hybrid? What are your tips for new overnight biker?

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    What if you rode the road bike but pulled all your gear in a trailer? It would allow you to carry your gear and not put a strain on the bike. I wouldn't put a rack and panniers on your road bike unless it's meant for carrying a load (my bestie did that with her nice road bike when we took our first tour and it did some damage to the bike because it didn't have all the eyelets for racks, not to mention the 2 flats we had on the first day- one from the weight, the other from the rack that started sagging and rubbed a hole in the tire).

    It might not be so bad on the hybrid. Can you put skinnier tires on it and maybe some bar ends to give you some alternate hand positions (I'm assuming it's a flat bar bike)?
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