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    Apr 2012
    On my bike

    What lube do you prefer to use?

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    I picked up some Finish Line wax lube because I liked the idea of my chain looking clean and not picking up every little piece of dirt. I'm not certain if I really like it though. Shifting seems noisy compared to whatever the lbs had put on the chain. I have something called Prolink and Triflow on hand that I can try as well. Just wondering what everyone uses?

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    May 2008
    northern Virginia
    I started using Rock and Roll Gold chain lube last year. Everyone at the LBS recommended it. I've been happy enough with it.


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    I like Boeshield T9. It's light, so it doesn't attract as much dirt, but it does need to be applied more often. Tri-flow gets too dirty and gunky for my tastes.
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    As you collect this info, you should find out the conditions people ride in and the type of use. For instance, in our extremely dry and dusty climate on the dry side of the PNW, I use Finish Line Dry Teflon on my mtb. Riders on the wet side may prefer something completely different.

    I use various Dumonde Tech products for road biking, again in a cool and arid climate. East Coasters may recommend something different.
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    I like Pedro's Go!, which is soy based. It's good for dry conditions and doesn't attract a lot of dust (though it does turn black right away, it lubricates fine).

    For wet conditions, they make a heavier soy-based lube called Chainj.

    I've never used wax on a bici (used to use it on the moto). The trouble with wax is that the chain has to be SCRUPULOUSLY clean before you apply it. After that, though, it seems you can ignore it for a good long time.
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    Jan 2011
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    For my road bike - Pro Link. I find that I can easily get 2000 miles out of a chain when I use this lube frequently. This lube doesn't gunk up the chain as mush as other lubes I've used

    For my mountain bike - chainsaw bar oil. You can get this at any hardware store. I heat it up before applying it and let it set up for a few hours after application. It not only lubes the chain innards, it also forms a barrier to prevent dirt from getting into the innards.

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    For the road I use Rock and Roll Gold. For my mountain bike I use White Lightening. For my cleats I use Finish Line - I was using Finish Line (wax lube) on my mountain bike but I prefer White Lightening.



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