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    Riding Steep Hills with Asthma

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    Does anyone have any tips?

    I have Asthma and for some reason this year I've had a harder time riding up steep hills. I have an inhaler and take my meds.

    I'm riding up the back side of the East Fork of Glendora Mountain road and there are a few areas where it is 12%. (I think). I can ride steep hills but not five miles worth.


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    If you're talking about a steep hill that is five miles long, I've never tried that. The steep hills around here tend to be shorter so you're able to recover before you reach the next one.

    But fwiw, I find that I have to shift into the lowest gear and slow my cadence down, sometimes as low as 50 rpm with a speed of only 3 mph. But that's what allows me to reach the top with minimal (or no) wheezing.

    If I know a hill is likely to cause a problem, I will use the rescue inhaler (1 puff) before I start the climb.

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    I'm not sure this will help with asthma, since mine is very mild.

    But you see the pros sticking out their tongues during hard climbs and sprints - this really helps open the airway. I used to do it while climbing all the time, until I started running and really developed my cardiopulmonary system.
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