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Thread: Hunger ?

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    Hunger ?

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    Hey, I was wondering if any of you had any ideas on why this happens to me?
    I just did a very intense ride that burned almost 900 in an hour (I'm 165 pounds to give you perspective of the work load) but I am not hungry at all. I'd much rather take a nap. I eat after rides like this only because I know I should. It can take a few hours to get to the point I feel hungry. It's even worse on longer rides that I burn more calories. I don't get hungry until a few minutes before a bonk.

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    nope, don't know why it happens.

    just know I should eat before I'm hungry
    drink before I'm thirsty
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    Decreased appetite after exercise can be due to higher body temperature or over-exertion. When your body gets back to normal, you should get hungry again.

    Given that you said this was a particularly intense ride, and you were tired enough to want to sleep, I'm guessing you just over-exerted yourself.

    If you plan on doing a strenuous ride, just make sure you eat and drink properly before, during, and after to prevent bonking. Keeping yourself fuelled-up may in itself improve your appetite.
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    Hey there CR
    I often don't feel hungry after a long / intense ride either, but I do make sure I eat, even if its just a sandwich.

    However it is important to eat - even if just a little. Ideally you should eat within 20-30 minutes as this helps replace the glycogen you have used and aids immensely in your recovery. Cycling is def a science.

    Wanting to sleep is a natural response to an intense workout... so get home, shower, grab some creamed rice, or a sandwich, or cereal and yoghurt... then lie/sit down for half and hour or so and rest, or hit the scratcher and acutually sleep.

    But do eat after a hard ride as a part of your training and fitness programme - it does help your body prepare for the next day...

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