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    Any Double Edge Safety Razor Users Out There?

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    Having long been frustrated with settling on a plastic razor only to find that the manufacturer soon stops selling the replacement cartridges (thanks Bic), always considering the environment, saving money and after reading Michael Barry's almost poetic ode to shaving his legs with a safety razor -
    http://www.bicycling.com/training-nu...cling?page=0,0 - I am thinking of taking the plunge. Most everything I read concerning safety razors concerns men and their faces, of course. Anyone women out there using a DE safety razor? If so, how do you like it? Any tips, suggestions?

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    I don't use a DE safety razor, but I've been using the Venus women's razor for years; now in it's Venus 5 version. It is not a throw a way razor and the blades, while expensive, last for weeks. The previous versions still have blades for sale (the 3 and 4). I never get cut and believe me, I used to cut myself all of the time.
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    +1 on the Venus, that's all I will use, they don't knick at all and shave really well.
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    +1 on the Venus razor.

    I used to use a safety razor but developed rashes under my arms where it cut too close. You have to be really careful - it's so easy to cut yourself. Those cuts seem to linger on me because next time I shaved, I'd open it up again. NOTHING bleeds like a cut around the lower leg!
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    Another one for the Venus. I think I've been using mine 10 years now.

    I hear you on the waste ... but I'm not about to try a straight razor under my arms, thankyouverymuch.
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    Another Venus user. All the blades will fit on all handles, which is nice, and I rarely cut myself with it. I hear you on the waste, though. But: I have relatively thick hair, so I go through blades faster (1.5-2 weeks), but I still have most of a Sam's Club package of the things, a year later.

    (And is that me, or is the article rather funny?)
    At least I don't leave slime trails.

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    DH and I have been using the leg of an old pair of jeans to extend the life of razor blades: http://lifehacker.com/5356529/extend...-pair-of-jeans

    I was a bit dubious at first, but it has made a difference, even with DH's Brillo pad beard.

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    The venus is the best. My husband stole mine because it works so well and uses it on his legs and face. Hair conditioner instead of shaving cream makes it so I don't nick myself. I've never heard of this trick with the jeans. Interesting
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