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    Jun 2006
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    Amazing but true weekend rides!

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    Okay, they don't have to be as amazing as knot's laundry stories. I suspect many will be, though!

    I did the lbs ride Sat. There were a few guys I hadn't met before. One was an eccentric looking guy with an amazing mustache on a steel bike, and bike and kit were all primary colors. Turn out he's a firefighter, explaining the facial hair. He was a really nice man. We rode with one of the regular women, a strong rider who has done the Southern Tier. It was a good pack of 3, and we finished really fast.

    Another guy I hadn't met before, conversely in black, kind of bothered me. He kept riding no hands (a skill I think is useful, in the right place, which is not in front of me). He also kept blowing snot rockets, and the same sentiment applies. He obviously needed to be in front, and had to compete with anyone who took the lead. I know you know this guy. You're not riding unless you're racing. He finally took off with 2 other guys, and that was fine by me.

    30 miles, and another 30 miles alone on Fri. Rain and rest today. What did you do?
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    I did an easy but painful 20 mile ride on the Interurban trail and was only nearly killed twice by cars overtaking in an intersection,turning right and then suddenly stopping short because there were pedestrians in the crosswalk, and had my tire go flat 2 miles from home. I had sworn off the bike before, and this is not helping me regain my enthusiasm at all

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    I did my first post bike tour ride yesterday. Rode to the LBS, bought tubes after our flat debacle in the Finger lakes. Rode our "go to" loop (which is She Fly's TT loop, except backwards) after that. We started slowly, but the trip definitely gave me power, and I felt strong, so I kept going faster. DH kept trying to drop me and couldn't. Of course, he was tired.
    About 5 miles or less from home, I had ANOTHER flat . DH and I worked in tandem, found more glass in the tire and sped home, where we checked all 4 tires. There was lots of glass embedded everywhere, hanging on from the tour; we were done with the plethora of flats, so DH went back to LBS and got new tires and tubes.
    18 miles or so. It's raining today and i did some core work, which I have been sadly neglecting.
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    yesterday I did my 8th official 100 kilometer ride of the year, i need to do one every month and follow the randonneurs rules to get credit.
    It was a "grown up ride" extensive hill climbing (not steep, just long long) and lots of distance. With a 2 mile wrong turn, I clocked 74 miles at the finish.
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    I rode 37 miles yesterday, my longest ride ever by 12 miles. It was on a fairly level railroad grade. I had planned to do 30 miles so I biked 15 miles down the trail and then turned around. I thought it would be a slight downgrade going back. Well, not for the first 8 miles, instead it was a slight incline. The last 7 were a bit downhill but the wind came up and I had a headwind. When I got to mile 28 I was dragging. Then another biker came up along side me. A big guy, about my age. He asked where I was going and how far I had ridden. We started to chat. I said I was dragging in the head wind. But already I was going nearly 2mph faster just riding along with him. He hung with me and we chatted. He has been riding about as long as me. He has dropped 70 pounds since April. He rides a lot more than I do. We rode along, with my now improved pace, and I ended up deciding to overshoot where I had parked and ride with him further. We went several miles together and then he turned off for home. I turned back and ended up doing almost 37 miles. What a difference riding with him made! I wish I had riding partners! He was my angel.

    It was interesting to watch our pedaling styles. He most definitely is a masher as compared to me. I pedaled almost exactly twice as fast as he pedaled. He would push hard and coast so as to not overtake me. I just spun and spun.

    I still am slow--my average was 10.5mph. But it was 37 miles at that average. I dragged a lot of crap with me, three water bottles, an apple and walnuts, a rain jacket (it was raining when I started) and the tights I wore over my bike shorts for the first third of the ride. There was a convenience store in the middle of no where so if I do this ride again I can skip bringing that much water. The guy I met said get skinnier tires! He had a hybrid that he was running with narrow tires.

    It was a good day.

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    Way to go Goldfinch!
    Crankin'- sorry to hear about all the glass and flats!

    I rode 37 miles yesterday with my DH, our first ride together in a few weeks. It's rare for me to be ahead, but he was in a very relaxed state of mind so I did not have the usual view of him from behind I had left my cell phone at work on Friday, so we planned a route that would pass by the school so I could get my phone. Light headwinds on the way "out" the climbing part of the ride but more favorable winds on the route home. It stayed relatively cool and partly overcast for the morning, so I wasn't overheating, even though we didn't get back until nearly 11 am.

    Today was a solo 20 mile ride- just wanted to get up to my weekly goal (80-100 miles a week). I ended up with 95, counting Monday through Sunday.
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    Apr 2009
    Tucson, AZ
    Woo Goldfinch! Crankin, that sucks! I'm surprised that I didn't get more flats when I was riding in Cleveland. The roads are awful and there's broken glass everywhere because I lived in an area full of students.

    I did 16.76 miles yesterday, and fast (for me), because I was working with a time limit, and I got out later than intended. Still didn't get home in time. Lots of deer out, as well as a peacock! (I think he lives on a farm next to the trail.)
    My legs were still not happy after Thursday's long ride. They've stopped complaining for the time being, so hopefully I can ride Monday with no trouble...and hopefully no flats!
    At least I don't leave slime trails.

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    Saving for the next one...

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    Cranking...eeek on the glass, hopefully your flats are over! Goldfinch - congratulations Redhodie, sounds like you had fun - even with THAT guy

    Now that I've added mountain biking to the mix, it is difficult to know how to look at my weekly mileage. Obviously on weeks I mountain bike more than one day my mileage plummets - even though I am probably on the bike more hours than I normally would be - and certainly put forth more effort in a few miles of mountain biking. I do like to ride 90-100 road miles a week.

    Friday was a needed rest day after 3 days of mountain biking and hiking, Thursday I actually went to spinning class (legs were a bit sore but felt the need to DO something that involved pedals & I figured I wouldn't over-do it in class).

    Saturday I met Roadtrip for a rail trail ride out of Yellow Springs, Ohio and we had fun

    Today I want to ride at least 25-30 miles, but we had bad storms last night (collapsed the stage at the Indiana State Fair which is in my town), and the sky keeps spitting rain. I am hoping to at least go ride in my favorite park for 25 miles in an hour or so...country roads would be better but we shall see what the radar says in an hour

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    My BF and I rode in the Anthem Moonlight Ride in Richmond (VA) last night (Saturday). Only 17 miles, but great fun! 2000 cyclists of all ages and abilities. Ma Nature had threatened rain much of the day but the skies cleared up nicely just in time for the 8 pm launch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KathiCville View Post
    My BF and I rode in the Anthem Moonlight Ride in Richmond (VA) last night (Saturday). Only 17 miles, but great fun! 2000 cyclists of all ages and abilities. Ma Nature had threatened rain much of the day but the skies cleared up nicely just in time for the 8 pm launch.
    Kathi, this is the first year that I did not do that ride--well first time in a couple of years. I've enjoyed it in the past, but just had other things going on this time around.

    I rode yesterday, but the air was bad because of the wildfire in the Great Dismal Swamp. That's a ways away from me, but the air was smoky and my eyes were itchy and I sneezed alot. Still a good 25 mile ride, though.

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    I had a bit of an epic ride today. 60 miles, my longest ride this year. Plus getting rained on on a big descent. I haven't been road riding as much this year as in most years. I've mostly been commuting.

    Anyway, here is a map (made by my SO, John) of the ride we did today. The Little Park Road - Monument Route. We extended it west from the Glade Park Store to the where the pavement ends on DS Road.

    We left home at 7am. The day was overcast and cool. Rain was forecast for the afternoon. We figured we'd be home before it started.

    This was for both of us our first time climbing Little Park Road this year. It's 12 miles of stair step climbing, with one gut busting section of 15% grade. It's very scenic with little traffic.

    We rode out past the Glade Park store. I was feeling tired but was determined to make it to the end of the pavement to turn around. We stopped at the Glade Park Store on the inbound leg for a snack before heading home. We watched rain develop a mile to the east of us. As we got back on our bikes the rain started. Oh well.

    Most of the rest of the ride was a twisty downhill for several miles, in pouring rain. I got totally soaked immediately but I wasn't chilled. I rode the brakes mostly, taking it easy. By the time we got home into town it was hardly raining.

    I'm pretty tired now. Bed early.
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    DH and I did the 54-mile loop of an organized ride yesterday. A friend of ours whom we haven't seen in awhile joined us, as well as a nice guy traveling at our pace. It was wicked flat, which was a change from our normal terrain. We were pleasantly surprised to have almost no wind for the first 20 miles, but paid dearly for it on the second windy half. My lower back gave out before my legs and lungs did, so I'm happy with my performance. I guess I need to do more yoga and core work

    All in all, it was a good ride, with a great route on some new roads and decent logistics. We're thinking about doing the club's September century ride

    Today was a total wash out weatherwise.

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    Becky, any chance your low back pain was from tight hamstrings? I know when I'm fighting wind or otherwise working harder than normal, my hamstrings start to tighten. If I take a few breaks during the ride to stretch, it usually feels much better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by indysteel View Post
    Becky, any chance your low back pain was from tight hamstrings? I know when I'm fighting wind or otherwise working harder than normal, my hamstrings start to tighten. If I take a few breaks during the ride to stretch, it usually feels much better.
    Quite likely. My right hammie has been bothering me for a few days now. I need to get back to practicing yoga more than once a week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catrin View Post
    Saturday I met Roadtrip for a rail trail ride out of Yellow Springs, Ohio and we had fun
    I had a blast too!! The ice-cream at Young's was tasty too
    Starbucks.. did someone say Starbucks?!?!



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