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    "Recycling" Christmas

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    We bought some presents for DD (5) but DS (19mos) really needed a winter coat/boots etc. We ran out of $ to get DS toys. While I was up in the attic last night, I found a bunch of DDs toys from when she was a toddler. They've been in the attic for 2.5 years. Perfect!

    I'm going to clean 'em up, make sure all the batteries work and wrap them up for DS so Santa can deliver them

    However, a lot of these toys were given to DD from grandparents/aunts/uncles. And some of them come over Christmas morning. I have no idea how to approach them about this. I don't want them to be offended, the gifts were from them--not us, they aren't for us to "re-gift." And I know some of them will be upset about this.

    However, I do feel good about not buying a bunch more plastic toys that will be used for a few weeks then stashed in the attic for eternity.

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    I think it is a great idea - think of the reduction in waste, not to mention the $. I would hope people would not be upset about this - their well-intended gifts are going to be enjoyed even longer.

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    a) They ARE yours to re-gift--that's what re-gifting is.

    b) Most likely the relatives won't remember exactly what they gave to who. I don't have a lot of nieces and nephews, and I have a good memory, but I couldn't tell you what I gave to who even a year ago, let alone three or more.

    c) If they do remember and lack the sense to keep their mouths shut, you could always go with the not-quite-a-lie: "DD loved that toy so much, we wanted DS to have the fun of the same toy." That's true, as far as it goes, but leaves open the possibility that the one DD had is long gone and this one is brand new.

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    What a great idea, Limewave. Just smile and offer more eggnog to whoever gets uppity about it.

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    You could also say that the gifts are from DD to DS. Could be a good lesson in sharing/passing our precious things on to siblings or others who will enjoy/love them.

    Maybe you could get DD in on it, too. Yes, we get gifts from Santa. But we also give gifts to those we love.
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    I don't expect the adults will mind. It's not like you are throwing out gifts or selling them on ebay! you are using them for your second child.
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    Thumbs up

    I get so confused with DD, DS, DH etc

    Anyway, after I got to grips about who you were talking about, it all made sense.

    It's good to know that even people the other side of the world are also having a tough time financially, it is even worse for young families with children.

    What you are doing is a fantastic idea, far more important to have warm clothes for your little boy and like somebody else mentioned, highly unlikely anybody will realise and if they do, they should be proud that you are being so sensible.

    Wishing you and your two children a fabulous Christmas and I bet they will both love their pressies and also be very warm in their new clothes.

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    I think it's a FABULOUS idea, and am always in favor of recycling or re-gifting when necessary, or when practical. Like other said, I doubt they'll remember exactly what they got for DD a few years ago anyway. And you *know* DS will love them just as much (and he doesn't know if they are brand new- just that they are new to him and he'll love them).
    To heck with anyone who gets upset. If they do, let them know that they are more than welcome to provide funds for you to buy the kids gifts with for next year.
    I'm a thrift store person, and have no issues with purchasing items that are already in existence. Makes that carbon footprint just a little smaller and that money travel a little further.
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    It's brilliant!
    Each day is a gift, that's why it is called the present.

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    Oh, Limewave, I see nothing wrong with what you are doing and think it's a very practical, wonderful idea. I am a grandparent and if my children were living on a tight budget (and they are) I wouldn't be upset in the least if my gifts were regifted. As a matter of fact, I would be proud of them for being so practical. Kids have too much "stuff" anyway.
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    If anyone recognizes "their" gift, just say that you loved their present so much you wanted to make sure it was passed down and enjoyed even more! Personally, I would be honored to know that my gift wasn't gathering dust in the attic or worse, tossed out.
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    I foresee this becoming a sweet family story in years to come. At least in my family it would have.

    I would love seeing my gift to a child regifted to a sibling.

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    Thanks everybody. I'm starting to feel a lot better about it. Even good about it.

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    Mrs. KnottedYet
    I think it's a wonderful idea. And then DD grows out of the toy you could start a tradition of cleaning and bundling up toys to give to a charity such as local shelter, day care, etc or even a younger friend. I think it's so in the true spirit of the holiday.
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    Talked to my DS last night because I was bummed about Herald the Cat.

    Anyway, she mentioned that she got her confirmation letter that her two younger ones will be receiving gifts from Toys for Tots. She's trying to grin and bear it, but these economic times and them being under employed is really draining.

    I'm all for regifting, reusing. And since the toys have been hidden in the attic for a couple of years, little ones will be none-the-wiser. Any adults can keep their lips zipped, or go have that second cup of eggnog that Tulip suggested.



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