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    Bike for my girlfriend

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    Hello! I'm Christmas shopping for my girlfriend and I want to get her a bike! (I'm looking to get myself one too.) We both live in New York City and will be using the bikes for casual rides in the city and around parks. I'll be using mine for actual transportation around Brooklyn, but hers is more for going on bike rides. I have NO IDEA what I should be looking for. We're not incredibly athletic and won't want to go crazy fast and we're both slightly taller than 6'.

    Point me in any direction! I need to know where I should even start looking.

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    I think it would make your search much easier to work with a local bike shop. You want to get bikes that will fit you, and height is only one of the factors involved in determining the right size. I am sure that the TE members will be able to advise on good stores to visit in your area. I know this is a gift for your girlfriend, but it would be good to find some way of getting her input as well. Does she know that you are planning this?

    It sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun with this, and you should

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    Not only is this shop http://bicyclehabitat.com/ local for you, but they have an awesome website. Lots of info on everything cycling related.
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    Bike Habitat is indeed a great bike shop. I got both of my bikes there and I was an absolutely beginner when I purchased my first bike. But it's important that the bike shop be convenient so check out other options convenient to your home or workplace. In addition, typically bike shops only carry a few brands and at this point you don't need to narrow yourself down to a particular brand. It would be great if you can visit a bike shop during an off-time (i.e., not on a weekend) so the staff can easily spend a bit more time with you.

    I'd definitely encourage you to bring your girlfriend in on the plan as bike fit and preferences are individual and somewhat unpredictable (e.g., some women like "women-specific design" bikes and others don't). If you want it to be a surprise, perhaps you could give her some sort of a bike icon to indicate the gift such as a bike tree ornament or something offbeat like a bike lock?

    If you are thinking of hybrids (flat bar), you might try the Trek FX line (and Bike Habitat carries Trek). The line ranges from approx $450 - $2,600 and might give you a good sense of what you can get at various price points.

    You might be surprised at much you ride. I purchased my first bike never imagining that I would do a ride of more than 40 miles in my life. Fortunately, my first bike allowed me to do much more.

    Good luck!
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    This is probably a purchase you need to do together.

    However you probably want a surprise factor for Xmas day right?

    Here's some suggestions-

    Make a gift voucher
    Purchase a mini bicycle (model, jewellery or similar) with a note attached
    A Bike bell or bike horn
    Get a friendly child to draw a bike and frame it with a note

    If I unwrapped any of these and it said "hey we are going bike shopping" I would be totally excited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi Stoker View Post
    If I unwrapped any of these and it said "hey we are going bike shopping" I would be totally excited.
    Yup. Shopping for a bike and getting the color and size I want would definitely be way cooler than an entire bike surprise that might not be what I want/need.
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    I was in brooklyn and stopped at a bike store at 262 Driggs ave. (The corner of eckford and driggs I think.) Its called BS Bikes. We stopped in and it looked like they had mainly single speed commuter bikes.it was a nice little joint worth checking out if you in that area of brooklyn.

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    So Claytron: Has your GF expressed in interest in cycling? Is this something she wants to do?

    I always tell people if you have never cycled - don't buy a bike new - there are tons of bikes sitting in garages not being used because someone bought it for someone else who wasn't at all interested - get my drift?

    If she is interested - just a word of advice - bikes are really personal from the style to the function and yes, even the color. Why don't you price out some bikes and then give the GF a gift certificate to the shop, go with her but let her pick out the bike for herself. That way she may be more "invested" in actually riding it.

    I would even make that "certificate" something you make up - ie draw up or make on the computer - that way if she says "a bike???? what the heck were you thinking? I don't want a bike!!!!" You don't lose an investment to the bike shop.
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    My husband and I both have the Trek 7.3 FX's. Mine is the WSD. These were our beginning bike and we love them. Plenty of gears to get you up the hills, easy to ride and they are actually pretty fast. (hybrids/flat handle bars). We did go to our LBS together and they helped us tremedously on our choices. I bought my daughter and SIL used Treks for Christmas.....that is an option too.



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