I'm going to buy a new cross bike this week. Can someone help me determine whether the Ibis Hakkalugi will be way too small compared to my current ride (Redline Conquest)? The Redline fits OK, maybe a tad too long in the top tube. I have been going cross-eyed looking at geometry charts! Here are a few selected dimensions:

Top tube:
Redline 521mm
Ibis 514mm

Head tube angle:
Redline 71 deg
Ibis 70.5 deg

Seat tube angle:
Redline 74 deg
Ibis 73.1 deg

Seat tube length:
Redline 48cm
Ibis 47cm

I wonder if the Ibis will be too small to shoulder? What do you think about the seat tube angle? Other bikes in my size range rarely go under 74 degrees.