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    specialized tricross sport triple for touring?

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    I'm looking to buy a relatively fast commuting bike to get me around the hilly, often wet roads of Providence Rhode Island. t needs to be suitable for slush and snow as well. I also plan to take the bike on light tours--no more than a weeks worth of stuff. I'm a relatively lightweight rider--125 lbs, and would probably not carry more than 40 lbs extra.

    I'm currently interested in the Masi Randonneur, a lightweight touring bike, and possibly the specialized tricross sport triple.

    from what I've read these bikes are different in many ways including that...



    the Randonneur is steel and the tricross is aluminum.
    the Tricross is 2 lbs lighter, but weight is similar.
    The randonneur has bar end gear shifters.
    the tricross has a triple crankset instead of the randonneur's double.

    both bikes have gotten very good reviews, and I have found places where I can test ride both.

    Is the tricross sport triple frame suitable to do loaded touring trips, or should I stick to the touring bike?

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    Hi in Prov, waves me from Npt. I think either of those bikes will suit your needs, but you should test ride them both to see which feels and fits better.

    I looked at the Tricross here: http://specialized.com/zz/en/bc/SBCE...nuItemId=12187 and it says it can be used for touring, so I assume it can be fully loaded. I'd ask to make sure, and make sure both bikes can take adequate water bottles, racks, studded tires, for the kind of riding you want to do.

    Steel or aluminum, well, I have and love both, but if I were going to ride up College Hill, I'd choose my (lighter) aluminum bike just for the weight saving. I'd also want (okay, need ) a triple for that hill.



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