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Thread: Bikes for kids

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    Bikes for kids

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    Hello all,

    I know this isn't QUITE the forum to post this in but it seemed to fit best...

    I'm thinking about starting a volunteer group to organize the donation of bikes to low-income kids in the area as a way to brighten their lives a little and combat childhood obesity. I've checked and it doesn't seem that anyone is doing that in this area....

    The ways I've thought of getting people to donate are via Craigslist and leaving fliers in local bike shops (maybe even asking them if they would give some 10-20% off coupons to people who agree to donate bikes). If there seems to be interest then I was going to see if I could get some type of advertisement with some of the public health initiatives in the area. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    You might find some useful info here: Mount Rainier Bike Coop in Maryland.

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    Mar 2009
    What a wonderful project. I hope you'll find lots of bikes.

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    Funny I was just thinkig about doing the same thing in the Atlanta area for the holidays as well.

    I know one of the guys from one of the bike clubs in your area (Dayton, OH) who may be able to assist you. Let me know and I'll get in contact with him.



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