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    wildlife docudrama Meekrat on DVD

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    I can never go by any of these docudrama wildlife movies...

    Story line is always the same but I just can't resist. The babies, be it penguins, polar bears or meekrat, they are all so cute.

    The sad thing about all of these is that someone gets eaten or dies of starvation and it just depresses me. Sure I realize the wild isn't too kind and it is very harsh but still...

    I just couldn't really enjoy the movie because the little guy had so many close calls throughout. And showing how his older brother, from a litter year earlier, was protecting the little guy gets picked off by the eagle.

    I don't recall seeing scenes like that in Mutual of Omaha series. If I had small children, I'm not so sure I want them to watch the brutality of life...

    Instead of feeling good. I'm feeling bit down all day today.

    Maybe I just need to limit myself to Pixar-Disney animation...

    jsut verbalizing my feelings,

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    Yeah, well that's why I try to tell my son that letting animals "be wild and free" isn't the wonderful happy experience many children's books make it out to be. In real life they often die painfully and slowly. I'm too much a wimp to go hunting myself, but I do support it to keep levels at a state where they won't die of starvation, for instance. I always cringe a bit watching nature docus myself, waiting for the non-happy ending..
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