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    BF is new to cycling

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    It's good, it's not so good! My BF is a really big guy. We have been talking about loosing weight and getting in shape all winter. Now that I am riding more, he has decided to ride too. That sounds great but.... He can't really afford a bike. Right now he is riding a neighbors really old diamond back. It doesn't fit and he is just not comfy!!!

    Tonight I got him to ride 2.5 miles...a long way for him, barely a warm up for me. I know that if he had a better fitting bike, he would be happier. I am thinking of buying him a comfort bike...Trek Navigator or Giant Sedona. I want to suprise him becuase I know he won't go to a bike shop to check them out and would freak if he knew how much it cost. So now I have to look for an XL or 22" frame. Yes ladies, he is 6'7"!!! Besides those two bikes, does anyone have another idea? He wants something more upright, but hates the look of the cruiser bikes.

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    That's great you want him riding! You are right a better bike would probably help. Most of us would agree that it would be probably be best for him to pick the bike he is going to ride. Maybe the cost will make him more serious about keeping it up? Anyway, if you are going for a Trek you might consider the FX. I think it is a little more "manly" while still having a more "comfort." I would at least have his inseam measurement for the LBS to go by.

    If you are going for the least expensive Navigator then the FX would cost you more...
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    A guy with that height needs to find a bike that fits him.
    I know someone close to that height. He went out and bought a walmart bike. I have never seen anything so sad in my life (well, on a bike anyway) it clearly did not fit him and it was not very comfortable!

    I don't know how you're going to be able to get away with buying him a bike unseen. I hope you figure out how to get him on a bike that fits him so the two of you can ride together, good luck!
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    Have you talked to someone at the LBS? They might have some suggestions re: which bike would be best for him and how to do a surprise gift that fits him.

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    You could always take him to the LBS because you "want to check out some stuff" for your bike, and while you guys are there, try out some bikes together. Just for "fun" I mean, who goes to a bike store and doesn't eyeball and maybe try out the new shinies? That would at least give you a better idea of what fits him and what he finds comfortable and it probably wouldn't tip him off that you are looking for something for him.
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