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    Fit Help Needed ASAP

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    I've been casually looking for a CX bike over the past couple of weeks. I keep an eye out on ebay for good deals. Right now I'm looking at a Bianchi Cross Concept. It's a 49 cm. Based upon TT length I should ride the 49. Standover is fine too. However, there is no HT length listed on any of the sites i checked. I dont want to end up with a ton of spacers or too much of an aggressive riding position. Suggestions? My road ride is an Orbea Diva 53cm. I am 5'7.5" with 32" inseam (long legs, short torso)

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    can't you go to a bike shop and get measured? I can appreciate that your arms are short, but 49cm is my size and i'm 63.5" tall. Your knees might be hitting the handlebars!
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    My road and cross bikes are both 49cm. I'm 5'4.5". I suspect you could make the 49 work by using a longer stem, but a 52cm might be your ideal size. OTOH, some folks size down in their cross bikes.

    I had a 52cm Bianchi Strada (same geometry & frame as the Volpe & San Jose, which are 'cross bikes). Bought it when I didn't know much about fit. Felt a bit too big. Sold it to a woman that was about 5'8". At first she thought it might be too small, but ultimately decided it was the right size or at least close enough for a commuter.
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    On a lot of cross bikes, the bottom bracket is higher off of the ground so you really aren't sizing down, the seat tube is just shorter as a result. The standover and top tube of a 49 cm cross bike could very well be the same as a 52cm road bike or the difference could be even greater.

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    FWIW -- I'm 5'6"/31.5" inseam, and I have a 52 cm Bianchi Axis (also a CX bike). It's a glove-like fit for me. I have a 90mm stem on it with some rise, but nothing crazy. It's pretty relaxed, not super aggressive.

    I'm not sure how the geometry of the Cross Concept compares to the Axis (and my Axis is 2005 -- they've changed/downgraded the components a fair amount since then, the geo may have changed somewhat too). But worth comparing the two maybe. And worth trying to ride one.
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    Like Liza, I'm 5'6", used to ride a Bianchi CX 52 and a 100 stem. Though I've been using the Salsa Poco bars to shorten the overall reach on most of my bikes. It I set that bike up today, I'd likely use a 90 stem on it.

    Suspect you'd get along okay on 52, they typically will have a 53ETT

    I'm just coming off from a custom that has a 53.4 ETT (21") and that fit super. Only reason leaving that is my dream frame turned up.

    Anyway, it sounds like you'd be good on it. One thing to watch if you start to look at some of the other brands, they might be called a 47 but they'll have a 53TT. The thing to really watch is the ETT.

    Spacerwise, instead you could always run a Ritchey stem with a 17deg rather than a 6 to help you get where you need to be. Also, same / similar sized frames are good for CX, for those of us who are a bit shorter, so you can still get your arm through when you go to lift the bike.

    Good luck!
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    The current trend in CX bikes is actually toward lower BB height and relaxed HT. If you're near a Bianchi dealer, the Concept has the same geometry as the Axis; if you're not riders who own it have commented on the fit being very similar to standard road bikes, with a slightly sloping top tube.

    I'm in the other boat: almost 5'7 but with a long torso. I can ride a 52cm but I also tend to push the seat back a bit on many bikes. Classic geometry for me is usually 50cm, but most modern bikes are a bit of a puzzle.



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