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    Apr 2005
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    My first charity ride is coming up... the MS150... May 14th and 15th 2005

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    I am so worried too!

    First off, I was suppose to do some hard training before the "Big Day". But I am a cold weather whimp (anything below 70 is cold to me)... and the weather has not been great on the weekends. The most milage I have put in on one weekend is 80 miles (40 miles each day).

    Second off... and most importantly... I have had some knee pain... I haven't even been able to attend the spin classes at the gym because of my knee issues... lately, at mile 20, the pain is so bad, I have to stop peddaling with my left leg.

    Which leads me to the third reason why I am worried. I bought new shoes and peddals today. I switched to SpeedPlay peddals with some shoes to go with the cleats.

    Now, I am 99% sure that will fix my knee pain... but if it doesn't... I won't make it past 20 miles without being hobbled.

    I also hope I can get some miles on the new peddals to get comfy on them!

    So, I HOPE my knee pain will be fixed and that everything will be feeling great on the BIG DAY! Otherwise, I am going to be hitting the SAG (Slacker Van) at 20 miles.


    What obstacles have you ladies faced before a long charity race? And how did you overcome them?
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