Once again I am riding in the Juvenile Diabetes Ride for a Cure...

Dear Friends and Family,

There is no reason Cameron can not lead a normal, healthy, active life! Although, he has Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes) and must prick his finger many times a day to check his blood sugar, Cameron is still a growing boy—which also affects his sugar level constantly! He continues to rely on insulin from his pump which has become a part of his-self. Cameron is now 8 years old and starting to understand more about the disease he has had since he was a baby. He can explain it to his peers better than his teacher…he can share the ups and downs of his sugar levels…even tell you how many grams of carbs to enter into his pump when he eats. “A doctor!” is what he tells you he wants to be when he grows up…and I am sure he will succeed!

Cameron is an amazing little boy with a lot of unnecessary burden! We can fight this burden with more research! Once again I am asking for your help in this fight…with a cure, Cameron and other diabetic children will be able to enjoy happy, active, normal lives. Hopefully there will be a day when he can eat all the ice cream or cookies he wants without being “too high” or play hard like a little boy should without going “too low”. But sadly, more research is needed to get there

Cameron’s family have done more than “hope” for a cure by participating in the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) walk with their local chapter in Denver , CO . Again, I have decided to blend my passion for riding with a good cause, in hopes of finding a cure. On Saturday, August 9, 2008 I will be riding my bicycle 105 miles for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to raise money for diabetes research.

I, along with Cameron’s family (Jenni, Dan, and little sis Sydney) am asking for help from my family and friends. One way you can support is by going to our website


then click the Laurie’s JDRF ride link and donating a tax-deductible contribution in any amount.

For more than three decades, JDRF, the largest charitable fund provider for Type 1 diabetes research worldwide, has been renowned as a highly effective medical research organization with remarkable efficiency in directing donor dollars to its mission. JDRF uses an amazing 86% of its donations to fund research and education. There are many promising research projects underway that may someday lead to a cure to this disease that affects Cameron, as well as millions of other children and adults.

With sincere thanks,


***my report from last years ride if you are not done reading yet...hehe