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    1st real ride and first road rash

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    We've been putzing around the neighborhood the last few weeks - tweaking my new to me bike to fit me. Today was our first ride out on one of the local very flat bike trails. Considering just how out of shape I am I was really happy with our 5.7 mile ride. At about mile 5ish I didn't realize I'd gotten my left foot clipped in then tried to stop. Over I went. My husband heard me and bless the man helped me up then gave me a big ole hug welcoming me to the biking community. We laughed and yeah - I've got a gnarly bruise on my elbow, complete with road rash but I'm wearing it proudly.

    Thankfully he's an experienced yet just as out of shape rider as me so he'd made sure I have all the little extra things like bike gloves. Neither of us are competitive mostly just trying to get back into shape. Biking is fairly new to me but I've got to say I'm loving it. My goal is actually to be able to ride the 11 miles to work regularly (and not get totally sweaty and gross) over the next few months.

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    Welcome to TE, glad that you are ok
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    and it sounds like you have a sense of humor! that always helps. Road rash is kind of like a badge of courage.
    keep riding!
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    Your experience sounds like one I just had. I have been riding for a few months now and everyone said you will fall at one time or another. Well finally last week, my brain didn't engage when I decided to pull over and rest in a shady spot and down I went when I forget to clip out. All my riding partner heard was a high pitched moan and a loud thump. I starting laughing as I got up and realized that I finally did it, I'm finally a full fledge cyclist. Just a little road rash that I too wore proudly. Keep it up. I have been riding to get into shape and I feel better and better each day.



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