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    Talking yipee... over with my bug ...

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    Finally finally, I'm Finally over my bug which I had since, well before Cindy Ride in April.

    And my lower back problem since last year seems to be under control for now with twice a month Rolfing. Rolfing is another whole ball of wax compared to Deep tissue, Sports massage, Thai massage. It's one extreme form of massage. Totally painful, but how strange is it that afterwards, you really do feel much better. Give it multiple thumbs up from me. I love it and I neeeeed Rolfing. Also my weekly Gyrokinesis work out. Both my Rolfing and gyro instructors are like PT. well another story.

    And lastly, my weight is finally going back down. I don't care what diet you use, it doesn't make one bit of difference unless you take in less calories than you burn. It dawned on me when I was thinking about Jane Goodall's "mindful eating" book. In it, she listed her typical breakfast. It is really tiny. Some fruit, toast, cup of Joe. So I've cut down my portion in half and am doing just fine. snacking more during the day. and the snack is like a bite or two of sweets, bananas, and other fresh fruit. Idea from a book titled: "why French women are thin" me thinketh??? I don't feel hungry though I'm bit weary about not running on full strength. Yet I seem to be okay in my training rides. Last week did nearly 150 miles. Maybe its loss of excess weight.

    All in all, I feel pleasantly suprised at this diet thing of mine. Eat what I want. just watching my portion size, exercising reasonably (40 mile training rides). If I keep this up, maybe I'll be back down to my racing weight of about 125 lb. And I CAN FIT BACK INTO ALL MY NICE OFFICE CLOTH AGAIN!!! I have yet to wear some of my outfit to the office cause I blimped out. When I bought some of the outfits, I bought them at the size I used to be. Thinking this would be an enough of an incentive to lose weight. NOT!!!

    Anyway, things are looking up


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    Good news SC!! It's a great feeling to fit back into your nice clothes!! So glad you're feeling better.
    Living life like there's no tomorrow.


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    Double yippee, Cat!
    Most excellent
    Its so horrible to be feeling continually "yuck"
    Glad the diet, the muscles, and the illness seem to be all sorting themselves and synchronising so you feel "over it"



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