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Thread: new saddle

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    May 2008
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    new saddle

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    hi to all bikers,

    i have just recently got back into biking, i broke my back in a mt bike accident almost three years ago. i bought a recombent a year and a half ago and love it and forgot the pain you go through in saddles. i just got a cannondale road bike and have tried 4 different saddles, none of which im happy with. im sore, and numb. i just got my selle an-anatonmica a couple of days ago. im not sure it is much better but willing to give it many miles to determine. the other problem im having is with it the leather, it is tearing up my Pearl I. shorts. my legs have never rubbed on a saddle before.

    have any of you had this problem??? and how do i fix it? thanks all for you help and support. i hope to start to ride pain free in "that" area.

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    I have a seat that is not comfortable and I have trouble with, but I have ridden with it for 2 years and have just finally come to the conclusion that I shouldn't be having to suffer to enjoy my riding. I ordered a Terry Rosie and am still waiting on it to come in.

    I have never had a leather seat so I have had no problems with my shorts being runined.

    Anyway, I just wanted to post and let you know that you are not alone, and it's a battle going through saddles trying to find a good one.

    You might want to post this in the New Riders or Open Topic (biking related) thread. Or do a search on seats, there are lots of post about trying to find a good fitting seat.

    Good luck on your quest and I hope you are able to ride pain free soon. I hope I can join you when I get my new one.
    I really just hope I don't have to search forever and this one will be the one. LOL

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    My leather Brooks saddles don't tear up my shorts.

    I put Proofhide on the edges of the leather (down on the skirts of the saddle, especially) to make them fairly soft and silky.

    Maybe your An-Atomica just needs some Proofhide on the edges?

    (PS- the An-Atomica's are on the pear-shaped side of things. Maybe you need a more "T"-shaped saddle to prevent the rubbing?)
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