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Thread: June 18 ride

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    Looking at all the love there that's sleeping

    June 18 ride

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    So...I rode my bike to work today. This afternoon, I'm zipping across Georgia Ave in Silver Spring with the light (one of 3 major road crossings I have to make). I hit a bump in the road and hear something plastic-like hitting pavement. I look behind me and see my taillight skittering across the road. It bounced off the daisy chain on my panniers. I pull over, pondering how I'm going to safely retrieve it, when a big black SUV comes by and - CRUNCH - flattens it. I KNEW I should have taken that thing off for the summer. But, no! I HAD to leave it on... Blech...
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    I rode my commuter to meet my friend for lunch, conveniently next to the bike shop, that has a rack outside. We ate outside at a bistro type place so I could keep an eye on my bike.
    A grand total of 8.9 miles for my first day of retirement. When I came home I walked to the community pond and sat and read a magazine, for a total of about a mile and a quarter. It was a gorgeous day, about 79, whispy clouds, no humidity. Tomorrow's going to be 90, but dry.

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    No training this week, I have to save up all the glycogen reserves I can muster for Saturday

    What kind of tail light did you have Regina? maybe Sanity Clause will bring you one.
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    Still off the bike but am keeping my fingers crossed that my doctor releases me from "recovery prison" on Wednesday. Since I can't ride I walked a total of 8.4 miles today. I so miss my bike!

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    today it's 112 degrees in phoenix. i rode to church at 7:30 this morning, got done at noon and rode home. i haven't really been putting in the miles since DH was in recovery mode, so riding home i found myself getting slower and slower the farther i got.

    i'll be doing this all week since it costs $40 to fill up a freaking miata!!

    did i mention it was 112???

    safety tip of the day: when you fill up your bottles for the ride home make sure the pink stuff is NOT pink lemonade!

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    Regina- That stinks. At least you didn't need it for safety.

    Makbike- Hope the doc clears you soon. I had a running injury a few years back and the doc tried to tell me no riding either, I ignored him. Probably wasn't smart though.

    We did 30.88 miles after work. There is a couple of nasty little steep hills and a few longer less steep ones. The rest is just rolling, then a nice false flat downhill to town. The weather was hot, but somehow enjoyable. Must have been the layoff of 80% humidity.

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    I rode about 21 miles today after work. My mouth has been killing me and today I went to my Dentist and found out I need to have another root canal done. I just had one done in April. no fun, boy does it hurt. actually while I was biking it wasn't too bad, but once I stopped it was pretty darn bad. UGH.

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    Just a quick 12 miles after work...

    I ran over an alligator lizard and killed him for sure. He crunched.

    Then I dropped my chain for the second time in two days.

    I got to ride through some wonderful orchard sprinklers.

    Now I'm going to eat ice cream for dinner.



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