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    Mar 2007
    Jacksonville, FL

    How far do you commute?

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    I've been wanting to ride to work ever since I got my bike, but its about 40-45km one way for me.

    I was just curious as to how far y'all ride! I couldn't find a thread about it in the forum, so I thought I'd ask.


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    Aug 2005
    Perth, Western Australia


    Weeel..I don't think of my commute as a commute..i see it as training. Sorry for the long post...

    My morning commute is 20km and take the short route to work.On the way home, i increase the km's-min is 30..max is 50km. I normally bike to work 3 days a week as the other two i'm off swimming & need the car..

    This week's been blech though..Long mtn bike event last sunday, holiday in WA on monday/drove back to Perth. My legs were still sore on Tuesday plus it was going to be 42c & had pilates after work so took the train in. Wed am biked in but again 42c so didn't bike home. YAYAAYYAYAY..today I swam & biked home!!! Tomorrow bike in but going to the Hurricanes vs the Force(rugby) match..

    Next week i'll be back to my normal 200km week..


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    Wow. 40-45 km is a haul. But not impossible. I know a guy who did it 4 x's a week for years (well, okay, it was closer to 35). It just takes dedication, an early start, and good lights!

    My own commute - when I get my butt in gear and start again for the season - is about 12 km each way.
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    Shelbyville, KY
    My commute, when the weather is nice, is a short, quick 2 miles to work. Once the school day has ended I depart the building on my bike and ride the back roads of my community until it is time to return to school to pick up my belongs and make the two mile commute home. I'm looking forward to commuting again just have to let the temperatures increase a bit in the morning. It is simply too chilly for this weather wimp.

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    North Andover, Massachusetts USA
    I only commute in the summer when the days are long enough to support my ride in daylight in both directions. (Yup, I'm a chicken. The traffic around here scares me enough that I don't even want to attempt riding around the edges of daylight...)

    I commute by bike 2 to 3 days a week during the long days and good weather season. My morning ride is usually 16 to 18 miles (25 to 29 kilometers), and my commute home is 18 to 22 miles (29 to 35 kilometers).

    --- Denise
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    Mrs. KnottedYet

    Another chicken chimes in

    Quote Originally Posted by DeniseGoldberg View Post
    I only commute in the summer when the days are long enough to support my ride in daylight in both directions. (Yup, I'm a chicken. The traffic around here scares me enough that I don't even want to attempt riding around the edges of daylight...)
    It's actually 20-25 miles to work, but I take the train. It's roughly 2 miles to the station.

    Between traffic and one lonely ped/bike bridge I do this spring/summer. As soon as we Spring Forward I'll ride 1-3 days a week.

    Sometimes I get off a stop or two early on the way back which adds a few miles. I don't have a computer on the commuter so not exactly sure of the difference.
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    Let me preface this by saying that I haven't been commuting lately. I don't mind dark and I don't mind cold...I just don't like the combination of cold and dark!

    I commute a couple of days a week during the summer and it's 22km each way.

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    Sep 2006
    Oslo, Norway
    13,5 km each way, and as of this winter I try to commute every day, year-round.

    That is, I try not to wimp out because of the weather or light conditions, only if I have to transport something large, or if I'm going to a party or suchlike after work...
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    Dec 2006
    Orlando, FL
    Typically, I commute about 15 miles each way. If I have to rush home for something or have a big school project due that night, I take a shorter route, which is about 7miles each way. Since Im in Florida, the weather is usually pretty good and tolerable until the rainy season kicks in (which means leaving later to miss the afternoon t-storms).

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    Vernon, British Columbia
    I could bike to work, but it wouldn't be worth it....I'd get less exercise than what I do, which is walk. 2.5 km takes me around 25 minutes to walk each morning. I've had a few poor feeling weeks where I've gotten a ride from DH many days, but this week I'm really trying to make sure I get the morning walk in. Once we spring forward I'll have to decide each day if I'd rather walk home after work, or get DH to pick me up on the way by so that we can get out on our bikes after.

    Good luck with your longer commute! I agree that it is doable with good planning and if you leave yourself lots of time!

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    Apr 2006
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    4 miles downhill to work, 4 miles uphill home.
    15 minutes to get to work, 30 minutes to get home.
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    Oct 2006
    Salt Lake City, UT
    5 miles uphill to work, 5 miles almost all downhill home. I take a different route home. I don't mind the dark in the morning because there is very little traffic at the hour I ride. I don't think I would care to ride home in the dark around here because my ride home would entail too many very busy streets. It is bad enough late afternoon. I also, don't like to ride when it is lower than 30F and in the dark. I would like to find a different route home that would make my ride longer, but, again, I hate riding in traffic and any route I choose, I would be competing with cars....

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    Feb 2006
    Aberystwyth, Wales
    My commute is 37miles each way, but I also take the train. I only ride the last 2miles from the station to my office. Once a week (when I only work a half day), I cycle all the way home and once we "spring forward" the plan is to also cycle half way home a couple of times a week (when I work a full day).

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    Mar 2006
    Southwest Idaho
    I have a twenty four mile round trip, but that could get longer this fall when I go back to school to finish my degree.
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    Belle, Mo.
    1.3 miles to school. After school, I go to the Post Office, Grocery Store, etc. so that makes it around 5 miles home. No excuse for me to EVER use my car to school! No traffic here. Sometimes I don't even see a car if it's early enough! Guess there has to be some perks to living in the middle of nowhere.

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