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    Aug 2006

    Catamount Cyclocross

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    Well, my bike still isn't in, so I couldn't participate, but we did go to Catamount (in Northern VT) to watch the races. Saturday they raced in 5 inches of snow and Sunday they raced in what snow was left, as well as the mud that resulted. On Sunday, in the beginner's race, the men and women started together - what was interesting to me was watching the lines that were taken on the muddy downhills. The men just kind of powered through them and fell over a lot, but each of the women really took a nice line and used a bit more finesse.

    BikeHubby's comment was "Wow, this really IS sick.....but a FUN sick!"

    The best comment of the day was when we were watching the beginners and BikeHubby said to this girl who was standing there "Wow, they don't look like or ride like beginners" And her answer?

    "They're beginners. They just do this a lot."

    But fortunately, she clarified the statement: "I mean they race a lot, but they are really beginners."

    Thank goodness for clarity. And now I really can't wait to catch the sickness!
    The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew--and live through it.

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    May 2006
    Suburban MA and Western ME
    5 inches of snow????? Now THAT would have been fun to race! I guess that it's beginning to be that time of the season - depending on the location of the race, weather conditions could definitely be a factor!

    DH and I are headed up to do the Porky Gulch stage race the first weekend in Nov - I'm EXPECTING there to be snow for that, and can only imagine trying to TT up Washington (the first 2 miles) in a snowstorm... Sounds like a blast.




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