Over the Labor day weekend, my husband and I got his 4 year old grandson and had the nicest family outing. For Devin (the 4 year old) I am sure it would count as an epic adventure.

A few weeks ago, Devin learned to ride his 16" bike with no training wheels (when he was only 3).
He has been riding around our cul-de-sac and through his neighborhood. We also have a trail-a-bike attachment which we hook him up on for special occasions with no traffic on the roads.

On Sunday, we took bikes for each of us and headed to Pocahontas State Park for a ride and picnic. We tried to let him ride down a dirt road but found out there was gravel added recently and he fell 3 times and cried and cried. We went back to the parking lot and where he rode steadily around the parking lot 3 times by himself. Then we attached the trail-a-bike to Granddaddys mountain bike and the picnic lunch to the luggage rack on my mountain bike.

We road 7 & 1/2 miles on rolling dirt and gravel roads to a great spot beside a dam with waterfalls. We ate peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and oreo cookies. We saw tiny frogs and red mushrooms and fed the fish bread crumbs.

The makeshift tandem bike was leaving me in the dust on the downhills so I had to stand on the climbs to catch them on the uphills. Devin saw this and on the next large hill he stood up and started pedaling as hard as he could. I could not believe he was standing! His little body was so cute! My husband did not know what was going on with all the rocking on the back of the bike.

Anyway, it may not sound like much to some of us, but to a 4 year old the 15 mile ride was a great adventure! I hope everyone can share cycling with their family.