To start the month, I forced myself out the door at 9:40 AM, 36 degrees. All thoughts of 20+ miles gone from my mind, I did 12 miles, under increasingly gray skies, but no wind.
I really tried not to overdress, which worked until I had to climb a hill about half a mile long. I had on a light thermal jersey and a sleeveless base layer, so I thought it might be a smidge too cool for just a regular wind jacket. I knew my Assos winter jacket was too warm, so I settled on a Gore jacket that I bought from someone on TE, years ago. It is also a super warm jacket, but, it has pit zips! The sleeves also come off, too. Hands, feet, and legs were fine, but my thermal cap was too much. Should have worn a regular head cover. I felt fine until the hill, and then the sweating commenced. I could unzip the jacket and jersey, which helped, but for me, the quickest way to cool off is on my head. But it was too cool for no head cover, so I suffered. Was not going to take the sleeves off the jacket, for such a short ride. The pit zips were open the whole ride.
About 2 miles from home I saw my friend, Lamar, who I lead rides with, going to work in his car. He moved in with his girlfriend about a year ago, so I never think of him as living near me, as he used to live in the city.
Glad I went, but I do have to get the cool weather dressing better. The temperature is going to moderate overnight, so I may go out at 5 AM, as it's supposed to be 50. Might rain during the night, so the roads will need to be semi-dry, as there are leaves everywhere.