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    Hello Ladies,
    We got out Thurs for another 4 miler. It was "warmer", in the upper 20's so it did not feel too bad at all. I still feel really slow, but I was out for 3 weeks so I have to be patient. it will come back. I am not racing for 12 weeks so plenty of time to get my snap back.

    This morning we are heading out for a snowy mt bike. I am going to try and sneak another short run in either later today or tomorrow after my pool workout.

    And very interesting discussion about food intake and running performance.

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    I also find the food discussion interesting, albeit, as applied to cycling or nordic skiing for myself.
    I need to not restrict myself when doing longer or hard rides, particularly, multi-day things. I always get a very noticeable craving for carbs just before a ride, even when I've had a decent breakfast. It's like my body knows what's coming. I don't restrict the carbs at all on cycling/ski vacations, but sometimes I do on one day rides. It never pays. I often don't eat enough when I ride, so I have learned.
    But, it's not uncommon for me to gain 2-5 lbs. after a hard ride. Since my weight has gone up, overall in the past 2 months, I am strugling with what to do on my upcoming ski trip. Part of these trips is the eating... I am not eating simple carbs, just stuff I rarely eat.
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    I logged all of 32 miles for January-- EEK! Damn glad I'm not doing a long race this spring. This has been the most severe winter since I've been running. While I have barely run, I have been regular with strength training for the first time ever, and I'm walking plenty. I've also somehow dropped 3lbs (maybe the change of routine? extreme cold?).

    It's time to get back into a running routine, if I want to keep my streak alive in our St Pat's day 3k. Every time I've done that race, I've finished in the top 5 in my age group.



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